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Catch Your Wave with Nicole Est

Nicole Est

Woohoo! Changing careers or creating your business is often incredibly scary and exciting at the same time. Taking a completely new direction in your career, daring to start fresh, or becoming self-employed is a beautiful journey but can feel like a rollercoaster. The gigantic question mark often revolves around the one, next right step. The good news: it is entirely possible, and you can learn how to handle the ups and downs!


Every Sunday, Nicole Est from Catch Your Wave® unveils the secrets on how to finally find a job that makes you happy and truly aligns with you. You'll learn how to implement your change in small, clever steps and mini-projects, making Monday morning a highlight once again. You're in the right place if you're looking to try something new or even start your own business – without risking everything you've already achieved.


Since 2017, Nicole - with extensive corporate business experience and an MBA - has been advising people in these transitional phases, helping you catch your very own wave while she explores the world with her surfboard, Lizzy, and her own business.


Get ready for practical tips, real-life stories, personal updates, and an exclusive backstage pass to Catch Your Wave®!


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